Why “Will There Ever Be a Rainbow?”

will_there_ever_be_a_rainbow_cmb.jpgIt’s a Simpsons reference, of course.  In the Season 2 episode “Blood Feud,” Mr. Burns is brought back to health by a transfusion of Bart’s blood.  To celebrate, he decides to write his memoirs.  He writes with a quill pen and titles his chapters “Chapter the First,” “Chapter the Second” and so on.  And he ends the book with a real flourish:

In closing, gentle reader, I’d like to thank you.

‘What’s that?’ you say?  Me thanking you?

No, it’s not a misprint, for you see, I enjoyed writing this book as much as you enjoyed reading it.  The End.


One Response to “Why “Will There Ever Be a Rainbow?””

  1. MuG017 Schmuddelkram – MindScars Says:

    […] Transgenialer CSD — t.A.T.u. — Mr Burns Biographie. […]

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