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Brian Davis is Still Doomed

July 12, 2009


I was watching the news today and saw David Rivera talking about the recent shooting at Whitney and Virginia when my wife made a good point — that isn’t his district.  It’s Brian Davis’ district.  Why isn’t Brian Davis the one promising to help fight crime in the wake of a high-profile murder in his district?

From what I hear, it’s a pretty common thing for other councilmembers to have to do Davis’ job for him.  The Buffalo News reported that Davis had a poor attendence record at Common Council meetings, and staffers of other council members report receiving calls from Davis’ constituents asking for their help since “they don’t have a councilman.”  So besides making it rain at Grassroots fundraisers, what is Brian Davis doing with our time?

Well, he’s doing enough to warrant being investigated by Frank Sedita and the state police.  Stay tuned, this is gonna get interesting.

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