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Introducing “The Buffalo Activist”

May 8, 2009

pic.phpThe Peace Center has revamped its membership newsletter into “The Buffalo Activist,” a print and web publication aimed at — and drawing from — the wider community of local activists.  It was launched a few days ago, and you can check it out here.  From Executive Director Elea Mihou:

The WNY Peace Center is proud to announce that we are revamping our newsletter and expanding our audience! The newsletter will now be called “The Buffalo Activist, A Publication of the WNY Peace Center” and will be an online publication as well as a quarterly print addition mailed to
members and dropped off at local businesses. The Peace Center’s members are known for a wealth of knowledge and insight into peace and justice issues today as well as great writing about them, and we want to take full advantage of this organizational strength.

It’s early days yet, so I imagine that the site will get a bit more spit and polish.  And I wonder if anyone checked with old-timers from the Buffalo Activist Network before picking the name.  Still, this is a very cool idea that deserves support.

One of the reasons I left the Peace Center was that it needed a new energy and a new way of looking at things.  Both Charlie and I operated in that post-9/11 bunker mentality, I think.  But Elea’s done a number of thing, like re-tooling the Conflict Resolution Program, that indicate she’s been able to step back and rethink what the Peace Center can be in these post-post-9/11 times.  Kudos.