I’m Colin.  That’s me above, in the middle there.  And . . .

I’ve started a blog.  Yes, in my grand tradition of being at least 3-4 years late to everything new, I’ve decided to grace the world with my thoughts.

At this point, loyal readers are likely asking ”but Colin, don’t you already have a blog?”  It’s true, I’ve been known to write an occasional post over at the Rebecca and Colin blog, Buffalo’s leading source for news on vegetables in paper bags.  But that’s really a family blog, a means of keeping in touch rather than a vehicle for true bloggy spew.

So why a new blog?  Two reasons:

1. I’m entering the PhD program in history at UB in the fall, and will be called on to do a shit-ton of writing.  I’m a great writer (duh!) but also a very slow writer, so I’ve decided to make a conscious effort to write everyday in hopes of building up my writerly muscles.

2. Rebecca told me that Aaron Bartley suggested I should start my own blog.  And when the Wizard of the West Side (the Plymouth Poobah?) says jump, I say “how high?!”

So here I am.  If I’m true to my word, you can expect a daily dose of commentary on politics, typical Buffalo-style insanity, racial formation in the Jacksonian Age, my love of cellophane . . . whatevs.  Oh, dear reader, how I envy you . . .


One Response to “About”

  1. Mark Trinko Says:

    I am moving my family from Costa Rica to the lower west side of BUffalo. Zip code 14201. my costa rICAN WIFE IS A 20 YEAR LAWYER IN cOSTA rICA. oUR 12 YEAR OLD DAUGHTER get pretty good grades and will arrive into 7th grade (but where)? She speaks English and Spanish, but spanish is the primary language (like my wife).
    I am a gringo from LAS vegas with 8 years in the USCG who went to high school in Denver.
    I have run businesses & banks. I have taught English. I have lived outside t USA for 3 years. I need a job. My wife and daughter will be in tourist VISA status for a while so they can’t work. I would like to walk to work. I would like our daughter to walk to school. I would like my wife to walk to the mall. I need a job. Everything we are bringing is in 9 suitcases. No pets. Thinking of paying around $500/month rent. Feedback? You seem to be the man with many answers 🙂

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