The One Sunset Scandal Claims its First Victim

Reilly?  Sounds suspicously like a Kearns supporter . . .

Reilly? Sounds suspiciously like a Kearns supporter . . .

Brian Reilly has been forced out at BERC:

Mayor Byron W. Brown has ousted the embattled president of Buffalo’s main development agency, saying the move is about “change and reform.”

Brown confirmed today that he asked for Brian Reilly’s resignation as president of the Buffalo Economic Renaissance Corp.

“I felt Commissioner Reilly was wearing too many hats,” Brown told The Buffalo News today, adding that be believed these multiple roles contributed to a number of recent problems within the agency.

Reilly will continue to serve as Buffalo’s commissioner of economic development, permits and inspections services, a job that pays $91,162. Reilly was making an additional $36,071 for his role as BERC’s president.

I love it when incumbents cast themselves as the agents of “change” and “reform.”

I have to say that Brown is making the right kind of statements about reforming the way the city does its economic development.  Hopefully the reforms are real and lasting.  Still, there are a few problematic elements that remain.  For instance, why is Michelle Barron — who seems to have been much more deeply involved in the One Sunset shenanigans than Reilly — still on staff at BERC?  And why is Brian Davis — who helped steer anti-poverty money out of his district and into the wealthiest district in the city — still on the board?  And most importantly, who will hold Byron Brown — who is ultimately responsible for everything that happens at BERC — accountable?


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4 Responses to “The One Sunset Scandal Claims its First Victim”

  1. BROWNOUT Says:

    “And most importantly, who will hold Byron Brown — who is ultimately responsible for everything that happens at BERC — accountable?”

    ……..The voters?

  2. Know it all Says:

    funny, with all the scandals in the city, the only folks fired are white. joy trotter for the mess at discovery school. michele stiles fired thanks to sister barton and brother daye. (he is still getting paid as he sits and rots in hamburg, which as a recently hired teacher is required to live in the city of buffalo.) and now we have ryan fired while michele barron gets more power. is this the elephant in the room or what? remember this come november.

    • eagercolin Says:

      I don’t buy the racial angle. This is just classic city hall corruption and cronyism, really. The difference is that this time the mayor happens to be black, so the people who benefit from his protection and patronage are going to be largely black themselves. That’s his base. No one would ever claim that Jimmy Griffin giving every idiot from South Buffalo (where I’m from) a job was a racial issue, for example. Or Joel Giambra’s “friends and family plan” — nobody ever claimed that was about race, although the beneficiaries were largely white. We shouldn’t let electeds get away with this kind of corruption, but we also shouldn’t expect a black mayor to play the game any differently than his white predecessors.

  3. jamie Says:

    Bye Bye Barron, good riddance to an arrogant know it all about nothing. Nice to see Karma in action. Now if we could just get gangster Stokes to opne those mysterious books, there’s almost a million dollars missing here.

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