Ralph Hernandez Needs a Vocabulary Lesson

Dumb as a box of hammers

Dumb as a box of hammers

Ralph Hernandez, who was part of the school board faction critical of Superintendent Williams, was elected president of the board yesterday with the votes of the pro-Williams faction.

Hernandez defeated Lou Petrucci, 5-4, dashing the hopes of Petrucci’s camp — which is far more critical and questioning of Williams — that they would gain control of the deeply divided board.

“Is this a victory for James Williams?” Petrucci said moments after the vote. “Of course it is.”

Catherine Nugent Panepinto, the board’s North District representative, said Hernandez switched allegiances to put together five votes.

“I think he’s an opportunist and did what he had to do to be president,” Panepinto said. “I think Ralph philosophically agrees with the people who voted for Lou.”

Hernandez brushed off the opportunist charge.

“She can call me anything she wants,” he said. “I felt I had earned the right to be president. I was campaigning to be president. Where do you go? You go where the votes are. That’s common sense. It has nothing to do with being an opportunist.”

Doesn’t switching sides to “go where the votes are” have everything to do with being an opportunist?

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7 Responses to “Ralph Hernandez Needs a Vocabulary Lesson”

  1. NoFan Says:

    Not an opportunist? Go where the votes are? Good, loyal, and honest? Shake him out and you’ll find a sniveling, wretched little worm of a man who is likely going to turn the BPS into more of a circus than it already is! Now, I wonder how serious he is in his quest for Maria’s seat in the 6th District? I know they are part time positions, I just don’t think he’s sharp enough or capable enough to do either, let alone both!

  2. slothrop Says:

    I laughed when I read that. His future opponents should put that on every lit-piece that goes out.

  3. rastamick Says:

    I quoted the same piece you did on AV ! The saddest part is nothing matters in Bflo Schools. What happened to anyone at McKinley ? What happens to anyone anywhere as long as they have the right pastor or belong to the right sorority ? Nothing happens so the Board Prez really doesn’t matter anyway. Williams rolls again.

  4. Becky Says:

    I would think this move just about killed his very very slim chance of defeating Whyte.

  5. Know it all Says:

    is everyone aware that williams has just hired an executive assistant?

  6. Albert Says:

    Check Ralph Hernandez “nice” job with one of the worst kidnappers and rapists of our times, Phillip Garrido, at Contra Costa Times website.

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