The Left Still Opposes the Wars

ufpjOne of my least favorite memes lately is the idea that progressive opposition to the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan has disappeared with Obama’s election.  These excerpts from the Ostrowski asylum are typical enough:

has the WNY peace center been protesting Obama’s escalation of the Afghanistan war and/or his widening of the conflict into Pakistan? You know, the conflicts which are claiming massive civilian casualties on a weekly basis? . . .

It’s a good progressive war now.  So as it’s for a larger purpose, you can blast away.

That’s bullshit, of course.  Apart from the standard marches and rallies against the two wars, groups like United for Peace and Justice are calling on their members to pressure Congress into voting against Obama’s supplemental request to fund the wars.  You know, just as they did when Bush was in office.


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One Response to “The Left Still Opposes the Wars”

  1. slothrop Says:

    I became involved in the peace movement during the Clinton administration during their “Wag the Dog” wars.

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